My Story

My name is Gayle Kwan and I started Sparrow House of Design in 2011, but in reality Sparrow has been in the making for over 25 years.  Here's my story...

I graduated with an art degree and a minor in architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington.  I spent most of my time in the wood shop making furniture and creating sculpture.  After graduation, I moved to Colorado and went back to school to get an Industrial Design degree from Metro State University. I spent most of my time once again in the wood and metals shop creating furniture and furthering my knowledge about different materials and manufacturing processes.

After graduating I worked for a local design and upholstery company.  I was on my design path and loving every minute of it, but life took a slight detour when I became pregnant with twins.  They couldn't wait to make their debut, so having two babies arrive three months premature changed my focus for a number of years.  I never stopped designing and creating, but it was no longer my main focus.  I tell people I got a crash course in pediatric nursing and that was my temporary career change for the next few years.  You would never believe how rough life was if you saw my kids now!  They are big and smart and kind and everything that is perfect in the world.  

So... back to the Story of Sparrow.  We began with furniture upholstery, but in the past couple of years we have added most everything related to interiors and Sparrow has evolved into a collaborative interiors workroom.  We love helping our clients create interiors that are unique to them and reflect their personality. In addition to furniture upholstery, we make drapes, roman shades, pillows, bedding, cushions and consult on space planning and remodels.  

We absolutely love helping pour clients create special, unique and beautiful things for their home. We enjoy getting to know who you are and making things that reflect your style. It's a very personal journey we take with our clients. This is the fun stuff in life, lets create something amazing today !

UPDATE: Spring 2019

We have divided our workroom and our design studio to better serve our clients. The workroom is exploding with work every day and its a good thing. Workrooms are meant to be messy, and design studios are meant to be clean. 

If you want to pick fabric and talk about your project then we would love to see you at the Design Studio at 2601 S Lemay Av, Unit 2.

If you are ready to drop off your project or need to pick up, we would love to see you at the Workroom at 3300 S Lemay Av.

They are just a few minutes apart from each other, which makes it convenient for everyone. 

See you soon.